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  • A Very Fun After School Activity - Robotics Club

    A Very Fun After School Activity - Robotics Club

    Nathan, Y7, Century Park Campus

    This year, I am participating in the ‘First Lego League’ Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) run by Mr. Horwood, the Secondary Head of Computer Science at our campus. The First Lego League ECA is centered around robot building; however, there are many other parts of the ECA that are important, too. 

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  • Benefits of the Multi-Cultural Environment at YCIS

    Benefits of the Multi-Cultural Environment at YCIS

    Anita, Y11, Century Park Campus

    The following student blog was originally published in print form within the January 2017 Edition of Shanghai Daily.

    Despite being a citizen of Finland, I have lived in Shanghai since the age of two, and I have been exposed to a surprisingly vast combination of cultures from a young age. This is mostly thanks to the international environment at YCIS, a school that I have been studying at since kindergarten. Now I am in my final year of IGCSE.

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  • My ICT project at YCIS

    My ICT project at YCIS

    Hei, Year 7, Century Park Campus

    During the first semester of our Integrated Unit (computing, character education, study strategies), we were assigned to create a video on “Being 11 Years Old”. My group was made up of three people: Colin, Zeke, and me.

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  • The IB Programme Brings out My Best

    The IB Programme Brings out My Best

    Elisa, Year 12, Century Park Campus

    The International Baccalaureate; a fiery beast known for its challenging quests of ‘diploma-hood’. Those who dare fight and attempt to conquer its challenges are regarded as legends, superheroes, other-worldly… also known as me, Elisa (kidding!).

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  • Experiencing Extracurricular Activities

    Experiencing Extracurricular Activities

    Manuj, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    At YCIS, there are many after school activities for students to choose from. These activities are supported by teachers for students who are interested. Our school has many Extracurricular Activities (ECA’s), including music-oriented activities (Stage and Show band, Sinfonia, Choir, etc.), art-related ECA’s (Graffiti, Clay, Oil painting, etc.), and many more. Some ECA’s require students to go off campus in order to get an achievement (Model United Nations, the Business ECA, etc.). All of these programmes are open for all students to join, and I appreciate that there are so many opportunities to grow and develop new interests.

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