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  • YCIS and the Thrill of Robotics Competitions

    YCIS and the Thrill of Robotics Competitions

    Clark, Y8, Gubei Campus

    The Robotics Club recently participated in the First Lego League Robotics Competition here in Shanghai. This was the first time our team participated in the competition. All of my outstanding teammates had collaborated exceptionally well to create one sturdy, innovative robot, with several unique aesthetic attachments and an excellent programme. Throughout the first few months of our second semester, we had been diligent and contributed toward our final project. Our project was not only to do table missions, but also to create a project analysis of the relationship between animals and humankind. This was a presentation to show the judges that our programme, design strategy, and YCIS Robotics Club posters could develop ideas in Robotics Core Values.

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  • Basketball at YCIS

    Basketball at YCIS

    Ian, Y13, Century Park Campus

    Our recent ACAMIS Basketball tournament in Beijing was one to remember for those of us in Year 13. The team consisting of nine players who entered the tournament well prepared and thrilled to take on the challenge. Learning from experience, we started our games with high speed passing, were very aggressive, and we reciprocated according to the physicality of our opponents. Our 1-3-1 press approach, in particular, caught the other teams by surprise. We played exceptionally well for the round robin games, just narrowly falling short of winning on a buzzer beater 3. However, we didn’t let it get in our heads, and instead it motivated us to make tactical adjustments so we would be better prepared to face our opponents again in the finals.

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  • Lessons in Host Country Culture

    Lessons in Host Country Culture

    Anna, Y12, Century Park Campus

    Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is the most important traditional Chinese holiday. The celebration lasts fifteen days; the first day of this lunar new year (初一 ‘chu yi’) was on January 28th, and the last day was February 10th.

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  • A Very Fun After School Activity - Robotics Club

    A Very Fun After School Activity - Robotics Club

    Nathan, Y7, Century Park Campus

    This year, I am participating in the ‘First Lego League’ Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) run by Mr. Horwood, the Secondary Head of Computer Science at our campus. The First Lego League ECA is centered around robot building; however, there are many other parts of the ECA that are important, too. 

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  • Benefits of the Multi-Cultural Environment at YCIS

    Benefits of the Multi-Cultural Environment at YCIS

    Anita, Y11, Century Park Campus

    The following student blog was originally published in print form within the January 2017 Edition of Shanghai Daily.

    Despite being a citizen of Finland, I have lived in Shanghai since the age of two, and I have been exposed to a surprisingly vast combination of cultures from a young age. This is mostly thanks to the international environment at YCIS, a school that I have been studying at since kindergarten. Now I am in my final year of IGCSE.

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