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  • YCIS is a Fabulous School Full of New Experiences

    YCIS is a Fabulous School Full of New Experiences

    My life at YCIS is very interesting and exciting, and I study a lot of subjects every day, including Math, Science, English, and Chinese. I also make a lot of friends from different countries, such as France, India, and America.

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  • What It’s Like to Be a Student at YCIS

    What It’s Like to Be a Student at YCIS

    Philip, Year 8, Century Park Campus

    I’ve been at YCIS for a short three years. However, these years have been a pivotal point in my life. Before I embarked on the move to Shanghai I lived in a small town in the US. There I went to public school as long for as I can remember, and I recall struggling to find a feeling of belonging.

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  • Excited about My First Year at YCIS

    Excited about My First Year at YCIS

    Isadora, Year 7, Gubei Campus

    I’m new to YCIS, and this year I hope to get a good grasp on what middle school life really is like. Before I came, I was told that YCIS is an academic and well-rounded school, and focuses on international learning and co-operation. This year, I hope to make many new friends as this is a new school environment for me, and I hope to satisfy the expectations of all my teachers in all of my classes.

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  • School Is an Amazing Adventure

    School Is an Amazing Adventure

    Anna, Year 7, Gubei Campus

    School. That may just be another ordinary word to some people. However, to me, this word has a lot more meaning. School is a wonderful adventure with amazing learning opportunities awaiting us, ready to bring us further and further. Sometimes life may seem like a maze. However, believing in yourself can be extremely helpful to find your way out of this maze.

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  • “Growing Up” at YCIS

    “Growing Up” at YCIS

    Kim Braunbeck, Class of 2015, Century Park Campus

    I’m originally from Germany, but I moved to Shanghai in 2004 and I started attending YCIS in Year 3. I was fortunate to have had classmates and teachers who were there with me all throughout my time at the school, and I can say that I truly “grew up” with them. Since many of my teachers knew me for such a long time they really understood how I learnt, which provided me with a much better learning experience overall. The school environment at YCIS is great because there are so many students and teachers from different parts of the world. Learning about new cultures and getting to know my classmates from all over the world was something that I enjoyed very much.

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