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  • Building Strong Bonds on “Founder’s Day”

    Building Strong Bonds on “Founder’s Day”

    Naomi, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    82 years. That’s how long this wonderful school of ours has been providing high-quality education to dedicated and motivated students. Established by Madam Tsang Chor-hang, Dr. Betty Chan’s mother, in 1932 in Hong Kong, the Yew Chung now has multiple campuses in mainland China, Hong Kong, and even Silicon Valley, US. As a student of YCIS Shanghai for nearly 13 years, this story isn’t new to me, but it definitely does not become any less intriguing.

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  • More than a Victory at Volleyball Tournament in Chengdu

    More than a Victory at Volleyball Tournament in Chengdu

    Jonathan, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    This year, YCIS Shanghai gave me an incredible opportunity to participate in an ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament held in Chengdu. The YCIS SISAC Division 1 Volleyball team signed up for the ACAMIS Tournament for the first time in the history of YCIS’s Century Park Campus. This was the first overseas sports competition I have ever attended during my time at YCIS, and this memorable trip lasted for four days, consisting of two full days of volleyball games. This trip to Chengdu let me build friendships with students from schools in Hong Kong, Ningbo, and Dongguan. We learned a lot from this tournament, through our new friendships with others from different parts of China, and from the atmosphere and sportsmanship, which were exceptional.

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  • The YCIS Science Fair

    The YCIS Science Fair

    Gillian, Year 12, Gubei Campus

    For years, YCIS Gubei has been celebrating the wonders and beauty of science in an annual science extravaganza -- our Science Fair. This event accommodates children of all ages, in addition to students and teachers alike, allowing them to marvel at the beauty of flames, colour changes, luminescent fluids, explosions, and a wealth of other manifestations of science.

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  • The Advantages of Learning Chinese at YCIS

    The Advantages of Learning Chinese at YCIS

    Dania, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    你好我叫乔丹妮! This is my third year at YCIS and I'm in CAL-S3 already.

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  • Why I Like Learning Chinese

    Why I Like Learning Chinese

    Nina, Year 6, Century Park Campus

    I am currently learning Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) student and I think that learning Chinese at YCIS is fun and easy. Learning Chinese is not easy at first sometimes for people because Chinese is a very different language from English, but when you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike.

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