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  • Experiencing Extracurricular Activities

    Experiencing Extracurricular Activities

    Manuj, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    At YCIS, there are many after school activities for students to choose from. These activities are supported by teachers for students who are interested. Our school has many Extracurricular Activities (ECA’s), including music-oriented activities (Stage and Show band, Sinfonia, Choir, etc.), art-related ECA’s (Graffiti, Clay, Oil painting, etc.), and many more. Some ECA’s require students to go off campus in order to get an achievement (Model United Nations, the Business ECA, etc.). All of these programmes are open for all students to join, and I appreciate that there are so many opportunities to grow and develop new interests.

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  • Personal Growth through Participating in Student Council

    Personal Growth through Participating in Student Council

    Daniel, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    I was the class representative for Y12 during the 2015/16 school year, and it was a very meaningful experience. It taught me a lot; not only about the school and the people around me, but most importantly, it helped me realise some things about myself.

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  • Benefits of the Multi-Cultural Environment at YCIS

    Benefits of the Multi-Cultural Environment at YCIS

    Anita, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    This Student Blog was featured and published in print form in January's edition of Shanghai Daily. 

    Despite being a citizen of Finland, I have lived in Shanghai since the age of two, and I have been exposed to a surprisingly vast combination of cultures from a young age. This is mostly thanks to the international environment at YCIS, a school that I have been studying at since kindergarten. Now I am in my final year of IGCSE.

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  • Benefits of Learning Chinese

    Benefits of Learning Chinese

    Leanne, Y10, Gubei Campus

    I have lived in China for around 10 years now, and I find it to be an incredible experience. Learning Chinese was easy for me because I was surrounded in a Chinese-speaking environment where I was encouraged to use Chinese to communicate with the people around me. Without this language, I wouldn’t have been able to explore Shanghai as easily I am now able. The fact is, I am able to communicate with everyone here, allowing me to explore the intricacies of this very unique culture, one that is inseparable from a country that is on track to be the largest economy in the world.

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  • Student Impressions: What It’s Like Performing for my Peers at YCIS

    Student Impressions: What It’s Like Performing for my Peers at YCIS

    On Friday, December 2nd, students, faculty, and parents gathered together at the Gubei Campus Hall for a night of music and merrymaking at the annual “YCIS Battle of the Bands” concert and competition. This event is unique in that it is entirely student lead and organized, while supported by faculty. Within the Battle of the Bands, students of all ages are encouraged to participate, even those who do not have current music electives. These talented students and future leaders took the stage, and in true YCIS fashion, they exhibited their skills in concert with the empowering acclaim of their peers and parents.

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