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  • Acronyms and Life Lessons from the IB Programme

    Acronyms and Life Lessons from the IB Programme

    Githu, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    At face value, nothing more than two simple letters, however, when put together, the letters can reflect what is known to be a challenging programme of study for Secondary students. Name one other high school programme that requires 150 hours of community service, an extended-essay, ‘Theory of Knowledge’ (a class that literally has a section of a chapter devoted to the existence of bananas), on top of six intensive courses, not to mention all the other Extra-Curricular Activities we’re involved in, and college applications.

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  • Friendly Fighting at IGCSE Drama Workshop

    Friendly Fighting at IGCSE Drama Workshop

    Oliver, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    On October 10, IGCSE drama students from our Gubei Campus came to Century Park Campus to join our drama students for a ‘stage sword combat’ workshop. A professional in stage combat, Mr. London Summers, who had worked as a sword combat choreographer and actor for over nine years, came to YCIS for the day to teach the drama students the basics of stage combat skills.

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  • The Benefits of Sports at YCIS

    The Benefits of Sports at YCIS

    Mike, Year 12, Gubei Campus

    YCIS is an international school well known for its education, sports, clubs and activities, and musical events. Although all aspects are well recognised, sports is an area where the school has made some particularly outstanding achievements.

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  • Appreciating Chinese Culture

    Appreciating Chinese Culture

    Matthew, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    There are many aspects of Chinese culture that I enjoy. One of my favourite parts are the Chinese holidays. I always celebrate Chinese New Year with my family when we go to visit our relatives in Singapore or Malaysia. We spend time together, and usually the younger kids play with toys while my older relatives play cards or talk. I like to do both, and I spend time with both my younger and older cousins. There are always delicious goodies like pineapple tarts and bak kwa (dried pork). We have a large family meal where all of the kids sit together. During this period, younger kids give oranges to their elders, and in return are given a red packet with money inside. At night in Malaysia, we enjoy the fireworks outside.

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  • Why I love the YCIS Community

    Why I love the YCIS Community

    Leo, Year 11, Century Park Campus 

    When I arrived at YCIS two years ago, I expected to have months of hard work ahead of me, learning the new school's system and making friends. To my surprise, I found the latter easy. My form class at the Century Park Campus was pretty small, as was the year level, making name memorizing that much easier. And, on top of that, I found the community welcoming and accepting. I found that not only did I know everyone in my year level, I also made friends with those in the years above and below me.

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