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  • The Class of 2016 — The End of IB is on the Horizon

    The Class of 2016 — The End of IB is on the Horizon

    Spencer, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    The most important semester of our lives began this month! Coming off of a Christmas holiday during which we had time to relax, we’ve now come into full view of the path ahead.

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  • YCIS Lunch Is a Time for Community

    YCIS Lunch Is a Time for Community

    Marcus, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    Amongst of all my favourite things about lunch at YCIS, none of them have to do with the food. Sure, we have tasty options, but what I love about lunch isn't the meat we get served, or the different kinds of spices the chefs use. Instead, lunch at YCIS is more of a social event than it is a gastronomic one – people from vastly different corners of the planet coming together under one roof, bringing distinctly different stories, cultures, and perspectives with them.

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  • YCIS Basketball Game Recap

    YCIS Basketball Game Recap

    Jordan, Year 9, Gubei Campus

    I recently went to a YCIS Boys Basketball Division 1 match against another international school in Shanghai, and it was a really fun game to watch. The match was filled with exciting plays, but the best play I saw was when one of the YCIS players made a “fake” with four seconds left on the clock and he moved to the side. With two seconds left on the clock, he swished a three-pointer.

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  • Appreciating Life in China during Our EOTC Trip

    Appreciating Life in China during Our EOTC Trip

    Shebri, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    EOTC week, or Education Outside of the Classroom Week, is the week spent by students in Years 7-11 away on a trip to further our learning outside the classroom, with the programme completely integrated into the school’s curriculum. Students in Years 7-11 go to various locations in China, and for many of us embarking on these various opportunities, EOTC is definitely one of the most looked forward to events of the school year.

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  • What I learnt from Volunteering on Campus

    What I learnt from Volunteering on Campus

    Ellen, Year 13, Gubei Campus

    This year was my first year of organising student volunteers for YCIS’s annual Christmas Bazaar. I have gone to the bazaars in the past and it always astounded me how each stall was so individual, everyone was smiling and happy, and everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing. Even when I volunteered for the Environment Club stall last year, I didn’t fully immerse myself in the behind-the-scenes operations. I didn’t yet completely comprehend and appreciate the enormous effort it takes to run an event like this successfully. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to help make it easier for the parent volunteers who willingly take the time and energy to create something that really brings the whole school community together and opens us up to celebrate the spirit of the holidays.

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