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  • End of the Year is an Exciting Time for IB Students

    End of the Year is an Exciting Time for IB Students

    Rachel, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    The end of the year marks the influx of Christmas-themed goodies all around Shanghai: toffee nut lattes, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, and the likes. The end of the year is also significant for the Year 13 students at YCIS, and as a student enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme here, I can corroborate that. December, for many of us, is greeted with the anticipation of the break just around the corner, but more so, the deadline for college applications, Extended Essays (EEs), Internal Assessments (IAs), and our Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essays.

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  • New Beginnings at YCIS

    New Beginnings at YCIS

    Betty, Year 12, Gubei Campus

    Over my years of attending YCIS I’ve changed for the better, not only as a person, but also academically. In the past, procrastination was a fault of mine, but I no longer procrastinate anymore. This is due to the fact that I’ve recently stepped into my last two years of high school and it’s been a reality check for me.

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  • Fantastic Author Visits YCIS

    Fantastic Author Visits YCIS

    Phaedra, Year 9, Century Park Campus

    In November we had a visit from a rather interesting guest speaker, Nick Toczek, poet, writer, musician, and magician. However, Mr Toczek’s books were not the only bestsellers; his unique performance at YCIS was equally appreciated!

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  • The Things I Love the Most about YCIS

    The Things I Love the Most about YCIS

    Reiren, Year 13, Gubei Campus

    I have been at YCIS for six years. There are many things I love about YCIS. The things I love most are the school activities, for example: House Carnivals, Battle of the Bands, peer tutoring, Chamber Choir, the Environmental Club, the annual Speech Competition, and many more. Because students participate in these activities so actively I find myself trying many new activities each year. Here, I will introduce two of my favourite school activities, the House Carnival and the Chamber Choir.

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  • Enjoying the Music Programme at YCIS

    Enjoying the Music Programme at YCIS

    Shumin, Year 9, Century Park Campus

    Personally, I greatly enjoy the Music Programme at YCIS. Our musical education teaches us to embrace many cultures through learning about different styles and various types of music. Our Music teachers also always encourage us to participate in the school’s Co-curricular activities, such as the orchestras, rock bands, and choirs.

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