Kindergarten 3 & 4

Kindergarten 3 and 4 (K3 and K4) programme accepts children aged three to four years of age for whole-day programmes five days a week.

The teaching and learning opportunities are based on the current strengths, interests and needs of the children, building learning and knowledge through self exploration and discovery, encouraging growing independence in all areas.

Hands-on experience and interactive activities help connect a child's learning, knowledge and skills to their own world. Through discovery and exploration, the programme develops a child’s creativity through thinking and problem-solving exercises. K3 children are further encouraged to make their own choices, to be aware of the rules of the classroom, listen and respond appropriately, to help each other and to be responsible for their own clothing, shoes, food containers, work spaces and actions. This promotes the development of self help and social and emotional skills that will build during their lives.


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