Physical Education

Physical Education is offered in Secondary Section from Years 7 through 11.

It is based upon the National Curriculum Standard, which comprises Key Stage 3 within Years 7, 8 and 9. During this phase, students are groomed for the IGCSE Physical Education programme by covering a wide variety of sports along with basic theory. The IGCSE Physical Education programme is selection-based and is offered to students in Years 10 and 11. The IGCSE programme is a two-year course that covers three assessment objectives.

  • Assessment Objective 1
    Students should be able to demonstrate good physical ability as well as an ability to inter-relate planning, performing and evaluating whilst undertaking activity.
  • Assessment Objective 2
    Students should be able to demonstrate an ability to analyse and improve their own and others' performance.
  • Assessment Objective 3
    Students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and the understanding of: the factors affecting performance, the health and safety aspects of physical activity, the advantages and risks associated with a range of training strategies, techniques, and the reasons for participating in physical activity.


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