Character Formation

To help all our students develop fully as individuals with good character and high moral standard, YCIS Shanghai integrates character education and Christian ethics into our curriculum.

Character Education

Based on the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) from England, and taking reference from the Character First programme from the US, we offer a series of character education programmes to assist students in developing good character traits such as perseverance, kindness and diligence. Using everyday situations and real stories, we combine topics of personal and social development, character building, morality and ethics with global perspectives in our character education. Beyond lesson time, students also find aspects of character education in assemblies, group activities and across lots of charity events, which aims at helping them accomplish inner transformation.


YCIS Shanghai students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of charity and social services programmes as they learn to become a committed global citizen with a giving heart.

A charity project called “Seeds of Hope” is in operation at YCIS. The project is a system-wide commitment to help build schools in places of need, one school annually in every mainland China province or city where there is a YCIS campus. All students and staff of our YCIS campuses will focus on this singular charitable drive, and fundraising goals will be set. By the Seeds of Hope project, YCIS campuses are able to bring love and charity, in the form of educational opportunity and support, to many of the poor and disadvantaged children of mainland China.

YCIS Shanghai has established close ties with local charities in Shanghai. These charities support less privileged rural children or those that live with disasters or sicknesses. The school community, including staff and parents, join hands in raising funds and taking part in event co-ordination. The school also makes frequent visits to migrant schools, hospitals, concerned communities and other locales that require charity work.

As part of the IB curriculum, all students in the Secondary Section participate in the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) programme which is designed to raise students' awareness to the needs of their local and global communities.

To view some of the charitable efforts of YCIS Shanghai, please check out the following School News:

Green Campus

YCIS Shanghai strives to become an environmentally friendly school by taking steps to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Ecology Action Teams are formed among students to take initiatives to make the campuses and the world a greener place.

Eco-awareness is an important part of the curriculum and the school itself. Students are taught to practise “being green” through community and worldwide programmes such as Earth Hour, Roots and Shoots and World Green Day. We all share the world, and YCIS Shanghai teachers and students are doing their part in keeping the world beautiful.