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YCIS IB Art Students Exhibit Their Work at Public Galleries

April 17, 2014

The IB Art programme at YCIS Shanghai provides students with the opportunity to display the skills they’ve developed over the course of two years by curating their artwork for their own public art exhibition in a professional gallery. This year, the galleries for Year 13 students from YCIS Shanghai Century Park and Gubei Campuses featured a vast array of skills, techniques, concepts, and experiments in art through paintings, 3D sculptures, installations, animation and video art, and fashion design.



YCIS Teachers Get Students Engaged in Science

March 26, 2014

Educators at YCIS Shanghai teach science in ways that promote inquiry and encourage children’s interests, helping students develop their critical thinking skills, as well as a sense of satisfaction in making discoveries on their own. In taking this approach, Year 6 teachers at YCIS Shanghai Century Park Campus provide continuous opportunities for students to directly engage with science, says Ms Catherine Luk, a Year 6 Teacher and Team Leader. She explains, “We are guided by one of our primary goals which is to enrich our students’ learning with hands-on lessons and investigations to foster their love of science.” One recent learning opportunity was the Annual Year 6 Science Fair, which empowers students to create and carry out their own scientific experiments.



YCIS Musicians from across the Globe Perform for Charity Gala Concert

March 24, 2014

YCIS Shanghai’s students, teachers, and staff were honoured this past weekend to host the annual YCIS Seeds of Hope Gala Concert for the first time in Shanghai, which played before a packed audience at the Daning Theatre. The concert is an annual tradition for the network of YCIS schools, which come together once a year to support the school’s charity, called Seeds of Hope, which was formed in 2008 in response to the devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province. The funds raised by the concert, and other Seeds of Hope initiatives, are used to build or remodel a Seeds of Hope School every year in a region in which YCIS has a school.



World Classroom Trip to Tanzania Broadens Students’ Perspectives

February 28, 2014

Every year, YCIS students in Years 7 through 10 are given the opportunity to expand their learning beyond the classroom through the school’s World Classroom Programme. This unique programme takes students to different parts of the world where they participate in experiential, project-based learning by volunteering in local schools, and by participating in community service projects, with the aim of enhancing their appreciation of other cultures and different points of view. Each trip is carefully designed to include a variety of cultural activities, opportunities to interact with local people and students, community service projects, and time for personal reflection.


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