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  • What Makes the YCIS Century Park Campus So Special?

    What Makes the YCIS Century Park Campus So Special?

    Vicky, Y11, YCIS Shanghai’s Century Park Campus

    Personally, I believe that YCIS is a very special school for many reasons. From the supportive, caring teachers to the amazing students that I have gotten to grow up with. I have been at YCIS since Year 2, and in the many years I have been here I’ve seen many friends return home and new students arrive. But my friendship with the people I have known since my first day at YCIS could not be stronger.

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  • The Benefits of Participating in Sports Programmes

    The Benefits of Participating in Sports Programmes

    Alexandra, Year 10, Century Park Campus

    Participating in sports has always been viewed as a method of staying fit and healthy, however, its significance and impact on a student’s life reaches far beyond just that. In reality, participating in sports enhances concentration and creativity, gifts us with life lessons, builds our ability to work collaboratively with others, and betters our leadership skills.

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  • How Travel Can Change You as a Person

    How Travel Can Change You as a Person

    Ruth, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    Traveling is something that we often take for granted, and that we are very fortunate to be able to do. Traveling can change you as a person no matter where you go. It can add so much to someone’s character to be well-traveled.

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  • How YCIS Helps Students Build Their Character and Social Skills

    How YCIS Helps Students Build Their Character and Social Skills

    Hayley, Year 10, Century Park Campus

    As many people in Shanghai know, YCIS Shanghai Century Park Campus is a small but closely connected school community. Students, parents and teachers alike come from various cultures and backgrounds, so there is a truly international atmosphere. There are countless opportunities for students to socialise with each other, such as during homeroom (right before the start of school), during class discussions, and during lunch periods. These opportunities allow students to learn about their peers’ different experiences, as well as develop their social skills.

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  • My YCIS ‘Thailand Trip’ Adventure

    My YCIS ‘Thailand Trip’ Adventure

    Max, Year 12, Century Park Campus

    Ever since my first EOTC in Year 7, I have always looked forward to the next year’s school trip. After hearing about the amazing things I would get to see and do on the Year 12 Thailand trip, I was extremely eager to experience this incredible trip myself.

    Unlike the school trips I’ve been on before, the Thailand trip allowed me to immerse myself in a culture that I had never seen before. I was introduced to new foods, traditional clothing, architecture, languages, art styles, history, and many more wonderful experiences. But my favorite memory of the trip was being able to ride real live elephants with my friends! It was a little daunting, getting so close to an animal that could literally rip my arm off if it felt like it, but once I clambered up onto its back, I started enjoying myself. It’s not every day that you get to ride on top of one of the largest land animals in the world!

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