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  • YCIS: A Tight-Knit Community

    YCIS: A Tight-Knit Community

    Ziyou, Year 10, Gubei Campus

    As a student who has been studying at YCIS for almost 12 years, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been at this school for practically my whole life. Through my study here I have gained much, but what I value most are the supportive friends I have made at YCIS throughout the years.

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  • A Look inside Our Trip to Guyi Garden

    A Look inside Our Trip to Guyi Garden

    Matylda, Year 8, Gubei Campus

    In April, a group of Years 8 and 9 “Chinese as Additional Language Level 7” (CAL-7) students and two teachers went on a field trip to Guyi Garden to learn more about Chinese history and culture. When we arrived at our destination, we went through the gates of the Guyi Garden. Everyone was amazed! Gardeners were planting flowers, people were walking on the paths enjoying the day, and tourists were taking photos. When we went in, our teachers told us about the Guyi Garden. They told us that the garden was once owned by a wealthy Chinese merchant and he had lived inside it. When we walked on the path, we saw that there were statues of Chinese instruments and historical people.

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  • What I Learnt about Teamwork at YCIS

    What I Learnt about Teamwork at YCIS

    Karyn, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    As our shrinking world becomes a global village, working with people from different cultural backgrounds is becoming increasingly common. Here at YCIS, being an international school, the multicultural environment has encouraged us to appreciate working with all individuals, and to embrace co-operative learning.

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  • YCIS World Scholars Cup and Model UN

    YCIS World Scholars Cup and Model UN

    Emily, Year 10, Century Park Campus

    In April, YCIS Shanghai’s World Scholars Cup team embarked on their journey to the Shanghai Regional Rounds. After months of studying, all of the teams were absolutely psyched to be finally putting their efforts to the test. After a spectacular opening ceremony, the senior division started the collaborative writing task followed by the Scholar’s challenge, a one hour SAT-style exam, while the junior division was underway with the debate competition.

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  • YCIS Maths Fair Helped Me Define My Future Goals

    YCIS Maths Fair Helped Me Define My Future Goals

    Hyewon, Year 10, Gubei Campus

    In April, I had the most important maths project I have ever experienced in Year 10. Previously, my teachers had always taught me maths, but in this project, my partner and I had to find out everything from the start, such as the pattern and the formula, and then explain what we found out to our teachers and the other students. I was excited to be a mathematician and have a chance to know more about maths!

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