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  • Science and Mathematics Week

    Science and Mathematics Week

    Hannah, Year 9, Century Park Campus

    A few weeks ago, Science and Mathematics Week was held on campus. We had activities such as daily fun facts, quizzes, and a periodic table bake sale, but the main event was the “YCIS Rush”. This is an activity where students from Years 7 through 10 participated in a game very similar to the Amazing Race – China Rush. Our Science and Maths teachers adapted this concept to be held on the school field, and the event was held as a House competition.

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  • Giving Back through “CAS”

    Giving Back through “CAS”

    Yi Ting & Ayaka, Year 13 Students, Gubei Campus

    During our time in the IB-Diploma programme at YCIS, our proudest achievement has been our major “CAS Project”. The CAS programme (Creativity, Action and Service) creates an amazing opportunity for students to truly think about what we can do to make the world a better place. For our project, we worked with a non-profit organisation called “The Library Project”, which donates libraries to rural elementary schools, orphanages, and community centres across China and Vietnam. After contacting the organisation, we decided to raise funds and build a library in an elementary school in Fujian, China.

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  • What I took with me from YCIS

    What I took with me from YCIS

    Natasha Weaser, Alumna, Class of 2011, Gubei Campus

    Can you tell us about your college experience in a nutshell? What degree will you be graduating with this spring from Stanford?
    My major is International Relations with specialisations in East Asia and International Security. Currently, I am writing an honours thesis on China-Saudi Arabia relations. For the past two summers, I worked in both the consulting and finance sectors, and will be joining a technology company in San Francisco after graduation. 

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  • How YCIS Inspired Me to Pursue a Career in Maths

    How YCIS Inspired Me to Pursue a Career in Maths

    Ha Yeon Park, Alumna, Class of 2013, Century Park Campus

    I am currently a student at the University of Warwick, studying Economics. Economics is wonderful because it is a bit of everything I like, including Maths, Business, and common sense. However, I did not choose Economics to become an economist. My true ambition is to become a Maths teacher in the future, and I discovered my passion for and ability in Maths during my time at YCIS.

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  • Learning Chinese at YCIS

    Learning Chinese at YCIS

    Caroline, Year 10, Gubei Campus

    After having studied Chinese at other schools in Shanghai, I don’t know any other school that offers as many different levels of Chinese as YCIS does. This means that each student is placed in a level that is the most beneficial to them, enabling the most efficient learning progress for each student.

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