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  • Diversity Unites YCIS Community

    Diversity Unites YCIS Community

    Tanya, Year 11, Gubei Campus

    Growing up, I had to say goodbye to peers who left my school to move to other countries. For a young Year 6, it was tough to have friends leave, but then I learnt that I would have to leave my friends behind to go study in another school – in a whole other country – and that was even scarier!

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  • Eco-Initiatives at YCIS

    Eco-Initiatives at YCIS

    Spencer, Student Head of the Eco Council, Year 12, Century Park Campus

    At YCIS, our community has not only developed an understanding of environmental problems, but has also taken effective action to combat them. This year we have continued our commitment to reducing desertification in Inner Mongolia and have donated another RMB 50,000 yuan to the Million Tree Project.

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  • What I Learnt During Our IB Trip to Thailand

    What I Learnt During Our IB Trip to Thailand

    Toby, Year 12, Century Park Campus

    Now that we are back in busy Shanghai, I can’t help but look back on the amazing trip to Thailand our Year 12 class just returned from. Our days were jam-packed with fantastic activities planned all over the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, and the learning never stopped.

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  • Our School Counsellor

    Our School Counsellor

    Noure, Year 7, Gubei Campus

    We have a wonderful school counsellor at YCIS called Ms Marion Rogge. Time spent with her in her office is warmly referred to as “Times of Refreshing”.

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  • YCIS Field Trips Are Fun and Informative

    YCIS Field Trips Are Fun and Informative

    Jared, Year 8, Gubei Campus

    Recently, all YCIS Shanghai Year 8 students took a trip to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, where we filled out a worksheet that was related to our Science class topics of Energy and Forces. Students selected a partner to go around the gigantic museum with, and there were also many large groups travelling around to work together.

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