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  • How YCIS Helps Prepare Me for a More Globalised World

    How YCIS Helps Prepare Me for a More Globalised World

    Emily, Year 10, Century Park Campus

    In this era of globalisation, broad-mindedness is key. Understanding, accepting, and tolerating all cultures, nationalities, histories, and religions is crucial, especially in a world where all businesses greatly value global citizens and require extensive multinational awareness.

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  • YCIS Prepares Students for University and Beyond

    YCIS Prepares Students for University and Beyond

    Naomi, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    YCIS, home to students and teachers of varying cultures and backgrounds with many different perspectives, has been my educational platform for nearly 13 years. Exposing to traditions and religions from all across the world from a very young age through close integration within the school community, I have been able to grow up with the mindset that I should accept others and their differences, that I should not fall for stereotypes of various cultures presented in the media, and that I should keep an open mind.

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  • My Experience at YCIS

    My Experience at YCIS

    Adam, Year 8, Century Park Campus

    For me, YCIS is a unique international school because of the exceptional Chinese education. When I first came to YCIS, I had little-to-no knowledge of Chinese which made it difficult for me in Shanghai. But after a year or two, I was able to speak everyday conversational Chinese fluently.

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  • Winter Sports at YCIS

    Winter Sports at YCIS

    Dania, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    Last semester, our sports teams at Century Park Campus had amazing results! We came home with seven titles, two from ACAMIS Volleyball and five from SISAC Tennis. Joining sports teams at YCIS is really unique. We have students who are both very talented and very hard-working. Joining sports teams at YCIS gives students the opportunity to interact deeply and to get to know people from different year levels. Coaches at YCIS have the opportunity to work individually with all team members, find their strengths and weaknesses, and help them improve – a very important factor for a winning team.

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  • Exciting Things for Year 13

    Exciting Things for Year 13

    By Waylon, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    Over the past few months, there have been a lot of awesome things in Year 13. First of all, after almost an entire year of hard work, we’ve finally finished our Extended Essays, which are compulsory for the IB Diploma – life just feels great! Now that this work is finished, we are concentrating on our other homework.

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