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  • What Can We Do to Protect the Natural Environment?

    What Can We Do to Protect the Natural Environment?

    Marcus, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    Times are changing. Never before has humanity been so close together, and yet so divided at the same time. A rise in nationalism and an “us versus them” mentality has taken a chokehold on human society. Plans to save the earth have been brushed aside. Our leaders have pondered, and promises have been made, but little has actually happened to work toward saving the planet.

    Millions upon millions of metric tons of plastic have been dumped into our oceans, killing wildlife and severely impacting the livelihood of coastal cities. Climate change continues to melt the polar ice caps, making sea levels rise enough to threaten populations and driving many beautiful Arctic animals to extinction. The Great Barrier Reef – one of the seven natural wonders of the world – is in critical condition, with corals dying at an unprecedented rate.

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  • How I Experienced a Different Side of China During EOTC

    How I Experienced a Different Side of China During EOTC

    Songzhou, Year 7, Century Park Campus

    Our EOTC (Education outside of the Classroom) trip to Xi’an was pretty cool. We saw a lot of things that you cannot see in the big city of Shanghai.

    For instance, random people wanted to take pictures of us because we didn’t look like we were from China. There were also people begging, and that was quite sad to see. However, the good things heavily outweighed the bad ones. One good thing was that the food was very, very, VERY different and delicious. Also, a lot of times the cooking happened right in front of us, and that was really neat. Another example was the citizens’ behavior. The people living there were extremely kind. They were always willing to give directions to the nearest restroom, or suggest what we should eat at the Muslim quarter night market. They were so nice!

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  • Art in School - Why It Matters

    Art in School - Why It Matters

    Anna, Year 13, YCIS Shanghai Century Park Campus

    IB Art at YCIS Shanghai has taught me that art is not just about making something that looks pretty or having the technical skill to paint photorealistic flowers; quite frankly, those skills have become somewhat redundant with the advancement of image-capture technology in the 21st Century. It’s about communication. Just as analyzing literature teaches us skills to become better, more articulate communicators through language, understanding how to both convey a message through a variety of mediums and, perhaps even more importantly, how to perceive the meaning in the work of others makes us better critical thinkers and more empathetic and thoughtful people.

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  • Student Leadership Spotlight: Owen and Levona

    Student Leadership Spotlight: Owen and Levona

    This series shares thoughts from our young student leaders. Today we introduce the School Captains from our Hongqiao Campus, Owen and Levona. 

    What year are you in, and where are you from?

    Owen – I’m in Year 6, and I’m from New York.

    Levona – I’m also in Year 6, and I come from Hong Kong.

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  • How Teachers at YCIS Have Helped Me, Academically and Beyond

    How Teachers at YCIS Have Helped Me, Academically and Beyond

    For the past six years in which I have been attending YCIS, teachers have always been willing and disposed to assist me in any way. Whether it is related to academics or to something which extends beyond the classroom environment, teachers are always ready and pleased to help.

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