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  • How to Prepare for IB

    How to Prepare for IB

    Dawn, Year 12, Century Park Campus

    As the past summer came to an end, I got more and more excited for Year 12 and my time studying IB to start. A new form teacher, the IB lounge, and free periods! I am eager to have an excellent two years of IB ahead, and I have set some huge goals I am confident I can achieve. And so, I started preparing for IB, and here’s some advice for you about how to prepare for IB, too:

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  • Winter Sports at YCIS

    Winter Sports at YCIS

    Phaedra, Year 9, Century Park Campus

    One of my favourite things about YCIS is the diverse and plentiful sports programme. For one, the school provides students with a wide variety of sports throughout the year, such as touch rugby, soccer (the MOST popular — naturally), floor hockey (one of my personal favourites), volleyball, badminton, and last but not least, softball. The winter sports are the most fun for me, personally.

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  • My Experience in the IGCSE Art Fashion Show

    My Experience in the IGCSE Art Fashion Show

    Joanna, Year 10, Gubei Campus

    The YCIS IGCSE Fashion Show – for most students this means a fun and relaxing evening event, but for the art students and teachers involved, this annual show means a ton of work and a lot of excitement! Back in October, we were told that we would be doing the show, and we were all enthusiastic and excited to be part of one of the biggest events held at our school this semester. For the last several months, the Year 10 art students, including me, were given the task of preparing for the show and we put our imagination, creativity, and determination to the test.

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  • The Class of 2016 — The End of IB is on the Horizon

    The Class of 2016 — The End of IB is on the Horizon

    Spencer, Year 13, Century Park Campus

    The most important semester of our lives began this month! Coming off of a Christmas holiday during which we had time to relax, we’ve now come into full view of the path ahead.

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  • YCIS Lunch Is a Time for Community

    YCIS Lunch Is a Time for Community

    Marcus, Year 11, Century Park Campus

    Amongst of all my favourite things about lunch at YCIS, none of them have to do with the food. Sure, we have tasty options, but what I love about lunch isn't the meat we get served, or the different kinds of spices the chefs use. Instead, lunch at YCIS is more of a social event than it is a gastronomic one – people from vastly different corners of the planet coming together under one roof, bringing distinctly different stories, cultures, and perspectives with them.

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