Kindergarten Threes and Fours Programme (K3 and K4)

A whole day programme is provided five days a week for preschool aged children from three to five years.

ECE Teachers Miss Rambaud and Miss Shao about Co-teaching at YCIS:

Developing positive relationships
The most important learning that occurs in the preschool years (K3 and K4) is facilitating children’s social and emotional development. The ability to understand and control one’s own emotions, to develop meaningful relationships, to persist in the face of frustration or disappointment, and to conform to social expectations are supported by sensitive, and skilled early years teachers.

Responding to children’s interests
Frequent opportunities are provided daily for children to choose and explore.  Children are provided with extended periods of play in order to follow their own interests in a safe environment. The learning environment is intentionally prepared to expand knowledge and respond to children’s interests as they inquire about the world in which they live.

Developing skills through meaningful activities
The concepts and skills that are important for preschool learning are embedded in meaningful activities in the indoor and outdoor environments.

ECE Teachers Miss Clough and Miss Sun about ECE Programme at YCIS:

Children see themselves as readers and writers as they retell favourite stories and express themselves through drawing, mark making and sometimes writing. They frequently dictate stories or tell teachers what to write about their drawings. They produce art, music and movement, and their own constructions and designs to express their creative and intellectual thoughts. Building with blocks, cooking, sand and water play – all provide opportunities to learn and practise the skills of mathematics and the concepts of scientific discovery.


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