Kindergarten Two’s (K2) Programme

The Kindergarten Two’s programme (K2) is provided for nursery age children who are two to three years of age. It is a half day or whole day learning programme, five days a week.

Growing their independence
The bilingual learning environment is designed for young children and facilitates independence and self-help skills. Children are encouraged to try to do things for themselves with adults facilitating the learning.

Learning to be with others
Co-Teachers (both English speaking and Chinese) are engaged and interactive with children during their play, and talk with them about waiting, taking turns and sharing; although they know children need plenty of time before they can manage these skills alone.

Play and learning
Children feel competent when they have had multiple opportunities to practise new skills through meaningful activities. They are offered appropriate choices throughout the day, which encourage decision-making skills as they freely explore. Co-Teachers read frequently to children individually and in small groups, and incorporate movement and activity into stories and music.


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