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    2023 IBDP Art Exhibition

    School News

    08 May, 2023

    09 : 39

    • Oscar Wilde once said, "The mystery of life exists in art." At YCIS,  there is a group of young people who pour their emotions into the colours of their pens, and integrate their thoughts into the paintings and installations they create. They carefully collect the fragments of beauty in life and contemplate the contradictions in society.


      In mid April, 4 Y13 students from the IB Visual Arts programme exhibited their work at Gubei Campus. Through their art pieces,  they vividly and profoundly expressed their different understandings of Chinese and Western cultures, environment issues, identity recognition, human rights, and more.


      In the Visual Arts Programme, students learn to master research skills and idea development, make connections to their environment, and build up individual responses to their research. 


      At YCIS Shanghai, we hope to equip each student with skills and an international mindset to be competent and compassionate leaders by offering a true blend of Eastern and Western cultures. The core elements of the YCIS Shanghai Art programme reinforce the child-centred approach from Early Childhood to Secondary, shaping learners who can confidently contribute across multiple disciplines. This way of thinking and understanding the world means our learners can adapt to and thrive in any environment.