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Seed of HopeWe are practising the motto of “align with love and charity” in our daily lives. Through the “Seeds of Hope” project, our first system-wide Yew Chung charitable endeavour, students become aware of the necessity of involvement and action in our globalised society, and demonstrate love and care for all life on the planet.

Seeds of Hope is a concept born out of the overwhelming tragedy of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. All Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) responded wholeheartedly to the humanitarian needs resulting from that devastating earthquake. With the funds collected by our students from all YCIS campuses, we created SEED, Sichuan Earthquake Educational Development, to channel the funds into the restoration of the Minzhu Primary School in Anyue County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province.

From the original SEED funds sprouted the vision for Seeds of Hope, which grew into a partnership with the China Youth Development Foundation. This partnership will result in the establishment of “Seeds of Hope Schools” in various parts of rural China, one school annually in every province/city where there is a YCIS. All students and staff of our YCIS campuses will focus on this singular charitable drive. Fundraising goals will be set; money earned from tickets to concerts, the sale of students’ artwork, sports competitions, bake sales, souvenir sales, etc., will be channelled to help achieve the annual goal. We will all be focused on a single project to build a single school in China. The town of Qufu in Shandong Province has been selected as the first location for our Seeds of Hope project.


A Seeds of Hope School is a co-operative effort whereby a primary school is built in a rural area of China to bring education and “Hope” to children. The funds generated by YCIS charity-driven projects will be matched by local government organisations to build a Seeds of Hope School. YCIS has a vision of establishing a number of Seeds of Hope Schools through Seeds of Hope within just a few years. Our goal is to build Seeds of Hope Schools in proximity to where YCIS has presence in order to foster a sister school relationship with the Seeds of Hope School that we will provide ongoing support.

By creating the Seeds of Hope, YCIS campuses are able to bring love and charity, in the form of educational opportunity and support, to many of the poor and disadvantaged children of Mainland China. Furthermore, by creating “sister” school relationships with the Seeds of Hope Schools, there is long-term opportunity for ongoing cultural exchanges, educational trips and charity projects that will be of great benefit to our student body for many years to come.

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Mr Steve Hackman Head of CCDD, Hong Kong

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