World Classroom

The World Classroom programme is a concept of learning beyond the school building walls. It is an extension of the experiential, project-based learning at the core of the YCIS educational model. The World Classroom programme is just one unique experience in the YCIS global education model that allows students to experience major cultures of the world, including European, African, Middle Eastern, Pacific, and Anglo-American.

Through first-hand cross-cultural experiences, the programme increases students’ awareness and understanding of other cultures, promotes critical thinking, and helps students develop an appreciation of other viewpoints. The programme ultimately helps prepare our students for an evolving modern world by nurturing their cross-cultural knowledge and skills, international-mindedness, and attitudes on their path to becoming true global citizens with a commitment to serving family, the community, and society.


Students in Years 7 to10 have a choice of destinations for their World Classroom experience. In 2014, these included:

  • For Year 7: Yellowstone National Park Dude Ranch, or Kennedy Space Center Robotics Course and St. Augustine
  • For Year 8: Barcelona or Prague
  • For Years 9 and 10: Sri Lanka or Argentina

Each trip includes an integrated school visit with local students, as well as carefully selected community service projects to foster a more socially aware outlook among our students, and allowing them to put kindness, compassion, and benevolence into action.  

Download World Classroom Brochure 2016-2017


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