Shanghai Talk: YCIS at the Pinnacle of IB Excellence

On spending five minutes with Emma, the first impression that usually hits home is her mixed heritage (she is half-Chinese and half-English) and her down-to-earth attitude. She is often recognised on campus as the student who loves music, and can occasionally be found having donuts with classmates while working on score sheets or playing the piano in the auditorium by herself to relax between classes.


But that impression belies her academic prowess. When IB results were released in July, Emma suddenly became known as joining the top five per cent of IB candidates worldwide who received a total of 40 points and above on the examinations. True to her nature, Emma’s reaction is very low key. “Looking back at the very first IB report card, I don't think I ever expected to get 40 in the final exams,” reflects Emma, who had studied at YCIS Shanghai since she was five. “But throughout the whole IB programme, the teachers have really been able to help me make the most of my ability. So a big thank you to all of them!”

The article was published in Shanghai Talk:

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