Shanghai Talk: YCIS: A Smarter Education

For all the touted advantages of unusual extracurricular activities and test preparation courses, the most important item on the university application is still the student’s secondary level education.


At Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai), students graduate with a wealth of international experience and knowledge that is not limited to textbooks and classmates from 47 countries and regions. They travel to Thailand to study water conflict, and learn about architecture in Greece. They spend four years learning to put 49 character traits like “generosity” and “humility” into action, and regularly deliver quality music performances to raise awareness of charities. Karel DeCock, one of YCIS Shanghai’s university guidance counsellors, advises students to stay focused on their education rather than looking for a name brand university. “I tell them… it’s the experiences and attitude they cultivate that will make the difference,” he says.

The article was published in Shanghai Talk:

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