Shanghai Talk: Chinese Language Fluency is "Second Nature" for YCIS Students

When Eoin Murphy chose Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS Shanghai) for his two sons, he knew that the school had a strong Chinese program. However, he never imagined that his son Tiernan would go on to place in the finals of a national Chinese language competition just a few years after moving to Shanghai.

“Not only are my children fluent, but they love speaking in Chinese,” Murphy says. “I also noticed that Tiernan acts Chinese when he speaks Chinese. When he thanked YCIS Shanghai for helping him prepare for the competition, he bowed to his Chinese teacher but then shook hands with the Western Co-Principal without even having to think twice.”

The Irish government recognized Tiernan’s achievement in a formal letter to the family, praising his performance and YCIS’ Chinese program for making it possible.

This article was published in Shanghai Talk:

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