Shanghai Talk: Educated Choice: the Importance of a School Mission

Parents are faced with a bewildering range of features and options when choosing an international school for their children: from location to curriculum to activities, examination results and university placement. Occasionally even the choice of uniforms and food are taken into account. Superintendent of YCIS China Mr Tom Ulmet, who has seen the expansion and growth of international schools in Shanghai over the last ten years, thinks there is something even more important: school mission.

Quality international education is considered crucial by the Chinese government in attracting and retaining foreign investment, and it is arguably the top priority for families relocating to China.  Foreseeing these needs well ahead of the influx of expatriates and returnees in China, YCIS pioneered a new standard in international education. At the heart of this standard are the vision, mission and ethos. Helping students compete in the future by having a better understanding of the world as well as the culture understanding that comes from in-depth study of two major world languages is one major goal of YCIS Shanghai.

This article was published in Shanghai Talk .

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