DeltaQuest Digest — Educating the Elite: an Investment for the Future

Wealthy professionals around the world seek to enrol their children in one of the world’s most prestigious private schools in order to provide them with a luxurious and unique learning experience. Whether it is the exclusive educational experience or the high standards of teaching, private institutions have become the status-defining and class-determining medium for children and young adults entering higher education as well as professional life.

Below is a list of the most expensive and sought-after private schools across the globe:

 Le Rosey (Switzerland)
Hurtwood House (UK)
Appleby College (Canada)
Geelong Grammar School (Australia)
Lawrence Academy (USA)
United World College Southeast Asia (Singapore)
American International School of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Ermitage International School of France (France)
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (China)
Hilton College (South Africa) 

The article was published in DeltaQuest Digest.

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