YCIS Runs Great Wall Marathon

Thirty two YCIS Shanghai staff members, spouses and a parent signed up to travel to Beijing together to take part in the annual Great Wall Marathon challenge in May. For some, it was a great way to be introduced to China’s most famous historical landmark. For others, it was an extraordinary physical challenge–the route adds up to 5,164 steps according to the organiser’s calculations. The trip also provided the opportunity to catch up with other members of the YCIS community, including YCIS Qingdao’s Western Co-Principal Jeroen Gakes who was present to run the Marathon as well, and spent the weekend with familiar faces from YCIS Shanghai.

Unique to the YCIS team’s trip this year was the voluntary option to run the marathon to fundraise for Seeds of Hope. In all, RMB 2,600 yuan was raised, which will go toward the cost of constructing a new school for children in China.

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