YCIS Puxi Secondary Rocks with "Battle of the Bands"

It was a night of musical delight recently as students, staff, and parents packed the YCIS Puxi Secondary assembly hall for the 12th annual "Battle of the Bands" event. This year, 13 bands participated, featuring students from Years 7 to 13.

Entirely led by students, the event was a fantastic highlight of the school year so far, showcasing the YCIS Puxi students’ passion for music and their musical skills that have been cultivated in class. The Battle of the Bands event also fosters community, leadership, and camaraderie, all centred around students exhibiting their skills in the performing arts. Throughout the planning, preparation, and the actual performance evening, the students are guided and supported by members of the Music Department faculty, including Ms Beth Kerzee, Mr Matthias Peitsch, and Mr Ashley Bousfield, along with Technology Director, Mr Christopher Hurley. 

After dazzling performances by each of the thirteen bands, awards were presented after a vote. This year, the winners were: 

Best Band: Medsun, Year 12

Best Vocalist: Seonaid and Grace, Year 12

Best Guitarist: Tom, Year 13

Best Drummer: Kaiyo, Year 11

Best Keyboard: Jisi, Year 11

Best Bass: Ayaka, Year 11

Best Costume: Toxic Lavender, Year 8

Most Entertaining: Illusions, Year 8

Crowd Favourite: The Duo, Year 9

Best Musicianship: Headrush, Year 9

Battle of the Bands serves as a showcase of the excellence of the Music Programme at YCIS Puxi, which forms a hugely important part of the school’s Secondary Programme, and builds upon musical training which begins all the way back in Primary, when all students take weekly violin lessons.

To read about a student’s take on the importance of Battle of the Bands and the benefits it offers the participants, please click here for a blog post by Andrew from Year 13 about the YCIS Puxi Battle of the Bands.








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