Upcoming Events

  • YCIS Pudong Global Child Day

    On Saturday, May 25, the YCIS Pudong community will come together to celebrate Global Child Day, an annual cultural event at the school that celebrates youth and the many cultures that comprise our truly international community. With a focus on traditions, festivals, and unique celebrations that come from these cultures, attendees are warmly invited to come and enjoy the day, share stories, eat delicious food, and participate in a wide range of fun and interactive activities. Be sure to join us for this wonderful community-building event!Date: Saturday, May 25 Time: 11am–3pmLocation: YCIS Pudong Regency Park Campus

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  • YCIS Shanghai (Puxi) Year 13 Graduation Ceremony

    Graduation season is upon us once again! YCIS Shanghai Puxi Secondary will hold their graduation ceremony for their Year 13 International Baccalaureate students on Friday, May 31. Family and friends are invited to take part in this meaningful moment as we wish these students the very best as they follow their dreams all over the world!

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  • YCIS Shanghai (Pudong) Year 13 Graduation

    Upon completing their final IBDP examinations, our YCIS Pudong Year 13 students will be honoured at this formal graduation ceremony. With many students having already secured university places through early acceptances, their journeys across the world will begin very soon, so their graduation will be a very special celebration of their time at YCIS Pudong and of their tremendous accomplishments!

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  • 2019 ACAMIS Chinese Conference at YCIS Puxi

    YCIS Puxi is delighted to have been selected to host the 2019 ACAMIS Chinese Conference on June 29-30! One of only two major Chinese conferences in the world, The ACAMIS Chinese Conference aims to bring together educators from across China and Mongolia to share best practices and information in the latest advancements in teaching Chinese with great ideas that can be implemented directly in each specific local context.

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