2019 ACAMIS Chinese Conference at YCIS Puxi

YCIS Puxi is delighted to have been selected to host the 2019 ACAMIS Chinese Conference on June 29-30! One of only two major Chinese conferences in the world, The ACAMIS Chinese Conference aims to bring together educators from across China and Mongolia to share best practices and information in the latest advancements in teaching Chinese with great ideas that can be implemented directly in each specific local context.

The theme of the conference is Learning Chinese Should be Fun: Methods to Enhance Learning. The Conference will provide an opportunity for Chinese teachers to share their expertise in the following areas:

  • Effective teaching strategies and methods
  • Curriculum design and implementation
  • Assessment for learning
  • Integrating Chinese language and culture into the curriculum, and
  • Educational theories and pedagogies that are related to Chinese teaching and learning.

To learn more about the conference, please visit https://www.acamis.org/professional-development/chinese-conference

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