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    2018 年 12 月 27 日

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    • Recently, the 12th annual "Band Hegemony" competition was once again staged. The auditorium of Shanghai Yaozhong Puxi Middle School has been packed, and students, faculty and parents have come to cheer for our band! This year, a total of 13 bands participated in the competition, consisting of students aged 7 to 13.

      This completely student-led band competition is the most exciting event of the school year to date. It fully demonstrates the love of music and the skills that students in Shanghai Yaozhong Puxi have learned in class. The “Band Hegemony” competition allows students to make the most of their talents in the performing arts, and to take advantage of this opportunity to develop the community, create leadership, and enhance mutual friendship. Throughout the planning, preparation, and evening performances, the students received guidance and unlimited support from music teachers, including Ms. Beth Kerzee, Matthias Peitsch, Ashley Bousfield, and Technical Director Christopher Hurley.

      After the wonderful performances of the thirteen bands, the award ceremony was held. The winners of this year are as follows:

      Best Band: Medsun, Year 12

      Best vocalist: Seonaid and Grace, Year 12

      Best Guitarist: Tom, Year 13

      Best Drummer: Kaiyo, Year 11

      Best keyboard player: Jisi, 11th grade

      Best Bassist: Ayaka, Year 11

      Best Costume: Toxic Lavender, eighth grade

      The most popular band: Illusions, eighth grade

      Most popular band: The Duo, ninth grade

      Best Music Skills Performance Award: Headrush, Year 9

      “Band Hegemony” is one of the best achievements of Shanghai Yaozhong Puxi Quality Music Course. Music is an important part of our school's secondary school curriculum. From the beginning of elementary school, all of our students need to take part in the violin class, laying a solid foundation for music.