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    My Experience in the Music Programme at YCIS


    2014 年 12 月 09 日

    10 : 00

    • Melody, Year 12, Gubei Campus

      Owing to my experience in music training at YCIS, I have chosen the music Higher Level course in the IB Diploma Programme, which I enjoy greatly.

      My interest in music was triggered at YCIS, where I took my first violin class in Year 2. Through YCIS’s violin programme, students from K4 to Year 3 learn the fundamental techniques for the violin. Students receive up to three violin sessions per week on top of music lessons, all taught by experienced teachers. At the end of each year, students from the Hongqiao Campus perform at a violin concert that allows parents to see their child’s results and improvements. I can still clearly remember my first concert in Year 2!

      I have been in the school orchestra since Year 4, enjoying rehearsals after school once a week. All the music pieces we have been playing are either composed or arranged by our conductor, Mr Gary Sanderson. This year I have the opportunity to be the orchestra leader, giving me the chance to take on a leadership role and more responsibility.

      I have also been a part of YCIS’s choir. There are three choir options available at Gubei Campus: Chamber Choir, Chorale, and Contemporary Choir. Music programmes allow me to present my musical achievements by performing at the school’s Christmas Concerts, Summer Concerts, Music Tours to Vienna, and all four Seeds Of Hope Charity Concerts.

      We have access to a professional recording studio with high-tech devices, which facilitates IGCSE and IB music students to have their compositions recorded and sent to Cambridge.

      As music students, we feel like the department is one big family. YCIS music programmes have trained numerous talented players, providing opportunities to work as a group where young musicians gain experiences. With the support of teachers in the Music Department, I took my ABRSM violin diploma exam last year, and the music resources available in the school have helped me significantly.

      If you, too, have passion for music, YCIS is the place where you belong!