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    Building Strong Bonds on "Founder's Day"


    2014 年 12 月 22 日

    10 : 00

    • Naomi, Year 13, Century Park Campus

      82 years. That’s how long this wonderful school of ours has been providing high-quality education to dedicated and motivated students. Established by Madam Tsang Chor-hang, Dr. Betty Chan’s mother, in 1932 in Hong Kong, the Yew Chung now has multiple campuses in mainland China, Hong Kong, and even Silicon Valley, US. As a student of YCIS Shanghai for nearly 13 years, this story isn’t new to me, but it definitely does not become any less intriguing.

      Since my first years here, it was clear that our school strongly believes in creating a close bond between the students and teachers. Leadership, friendship, and school spirit are among some of the key characteristics of our school, and these elements are more evident than ever on Founder’s Day. Dedicated to bringing together the whole foundation and celebrating the founding of our school, this day is devoted to different activities which promote strong school unity and energy. For example, our Century Park Campus this year hosted an annual 3.5 kilometer cross-country race around the nearby Century Park lake.

      It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a run to show our house spirit. The morning was calm, but the energy everyone carried with them was quite the opposite. “Go Red!”… “Come on, Blue!”… “Let’s Go Green!”… “Yes! Way to go, Yellow!” The finish line was packed with anxious, excited students and teachers, cheering the runners on. The Founder’s Day cross-country race was no doubt one of my favourite school events. The energy and positivity in the air constantly motivated me to push my limits and run a little faster. “I’ll do it for my House,” I say. The rest of the day was spent picnicking together under the autumn sun, and participating in activities that developed and celebrated teamwork.

      Yew Chung helps mold students into good-natured, committed, and driven members of the greater foundation, and there is definitely no better community to be in than this one. No matter who won and no matter how much competition there was between Houses, this day was all about working together and showing unity as a school. To me, YCIS demonstrates the importance of putting any differences aside and integrating students and teachers in the school. I have always been happy with our school, not just for the outstanding academics, but more importantly, for the school’s ability to make every student feel like they belong.