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    Exciting Things for Year 13


    2015 年 01 月 09 日

    10 : 00

    • By Waylon, Year 13, Century Park Campus

      Over the past few months, there have been a lot of awesome things in Year 13. First of all, after almost an entire year of hard work, we’ve finally finished our Extended Essays, which are compulsory for the IB Diploma – life just feels great! Now that this work is finished, we are concentrating on our other homework.

      In addition, in less than six months’ time, everyone in Year 13 will be graduating! It’s going to be a big moment in our lives, and we are all certainly looking forward to it. We even have a graduation countdown in our Form room!

      Some students in our year group hosted a fun “Zombie Run” charity event not long ago to raise money to donate to the Heart to Heart foundation. During the Zombie Run, several senior students were selected to be Zombies, chasing around the other participants to try and catch them in order to eliminate them from the game. The other students’ mission was to last until the end of the event and to find any “antidotes” hidden in the school. The Zombie Run met with overwhelming success, since everybody had lots of fun and it also raised quite a bit of money to donate to Heart to Heart. It is most certainly going to be one of the favourite events of the entire school year.

      Overall, this school year has been extremely well for us Year 13’s. With our Extended Essays complete, and many exciting events to come, we are all happy to begin the second school semester.