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    How YCIS Helps Prepare Me for a More Globalised World


    2015 年 01 月 29 日

    10 : 00

    • Emily, Year 10, Century Park Campus

      In this era of globalisation, broad-mindedness is key. Understanding, accepting, and tolerating all cultures, nationalities, histories, and religions is crucial, especially in a world where all businesses greatly value global citizens and require extensive multinational awareness.

      Here at YCIS we not only develop acceptance for diversity, but also embrace it. My class alone is a combination of people from every single continent. Back in my hometown people are astounded when I tell them that I have best friends from India, France, Canada, and Argentina.

      It doesn’t end there; people are amazed when they learn that I can speak three languages fluently, some of which I didn’t know a word of when I was first welcomed to YCIS.

      Every day we become more conscious and mindful of our surroundings while maintaining our individual identities, and that is the foundation of the respectful, diplomatic, and charitable students of tomorrow.

      However, we as students aren’t born with all the essential qualities for managing globalisation – our teachers are our guides. Coming from an array of countries, they show us how to address every issue from all perspectives, and instead of only learning from textbooks, we also learn from each other.

      Who would’ve thought that people so different could become a family, united by a school and the love we share for one another? Who would’ve thought that people with such varying backgrounds and mindsets could stand side-by-side, supportive of each other?

      When we graduate from school, we will be collaborating with people from all over the world. For most that’s unimaginable, for us at YCIS, it’s every day. And that’s why YCIS truly prepares us to be successful in the ever-globalising world.