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    An Extraordinary Experience at Our IB Art Show


    2015 年 04 月 23 日

    10 : 00

    • Kim, Year 13, Century Park Campus

      The satisfaction of being able to share your hard work with your family, your friends, and your peers is incomparable. Over the past two years, ­­­­my classmates and I have been putting our all into our artwork for our IB coursework, and all of our accumulated work was recently showcased at our IB Art Exhibition this March. Our teachers had rented a gallery space for us in Pudong where we could display the products of our perseverance and commitment. To me, this was the highlight of my year.

      Leading up to the exhibition, we worked over very full days to make sure all of our art was completed and set up in a way that would complement neighbouring pieces. We wanted our exhibition to be something that we could look back on years from now and be proud of, so we all wanted to put the extra work in.

      On the actual day of our exhibition, I was filled with nerves. We had a similar show two years before for our IGCSE artwork, but back then we had shared the spotlight with the IB art students. This was the first time we had our very own exhibition, and nothing could have really prepared me for the sense of accomplishment that I would feel. Seeing all of the people, both familiar and unfamiliar faces, that were interested in the art that I had done over the years and studying the messages I had tried to convey was just an incredible feeling. It was really something special to experience, and I am immeasurably grateful for the opportunity.

      There’s something really extraordinary about seeing your art displayed as though it were in a museum, something indescribable. It really shows to you that you can accomplish great things and let your voice be heard, even in high school.