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    YCIS Athletics Carnival


    2015 年 06 月 25 日

    10 : 00

    • Madeleine and Lucy, Year 9, Gubei Campus

      The YCIS Athletics Carnival took place on campus last month. It was a warm, sunny day, just perfect for the occasion. Activities included a variety of fun events, such as the long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin, 100-metre dash, 300 metre, group games, and more!

      All of the activities were organised by our PE Department, and were perfectly timed so that they would run smoothly. Each year group competed against each other, with the girls against the girls and the boys against the boys in an exciting round of sporting events

      In many students’ opinions, the most exciting part of the day came at the end, during the exhilarating team relays. All students in Years 7–10 participated in the relay, accompanied by the teachers! Each house (Red Phoenix, Green Dragons, Golden Tigers, and Blue Mustangs) selected four of their fastest runners from each year group to compete against the other teams in an epic battle to the finish line. It was so fast that all we could see were blurs, and all we could hear were the competitive cheers from each house. After the student relays, four teachers from each house were also selected to run in a relay against other teachers! In the end, the Green Dragons were the relay winners!

      When we got back to school, we gathered in the cafeteria to celebrate the winners of each event. The Co-Principals showed their support by congratulating all of the students for their great effort and hard work. Soon came the moment when the whole cafeteria went quiet: it was announced that after seven years, the Green Dragons had finally won their first victory!

      The Athletics Carnival was a great day for everyone! All of the activities tested our physical ability and teamwork, and we learnt about endurance, sportsmanship, and other useful lessons that we will continue to use in our future.