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    Developing in Theatre during My Time at YCIS


    2015 年 08 月 11 日

    10 : 00

    • Joanne Au, Class of 2015, Gubei Campus

      I’m from Hong Kong and I have attended YCIS for seven years. During my time at the school, I always felt that everyone was welcoming, like a family, and I especially appreciated that the people and the community were there for me. I also loved my music classes, which I think were the best classes ever.

      I was involved in a lot of music and drama activities at YCIS. I participated in music groups, such as choir, chamber, chorale, and orchestra. The first drama production I ever participated in at YCIS was Rhinoceros, which was an absurdity play. I then did the musical Footloose and the play, The Miracle Worker. This past year, I participated in the musical, Tarzan. It’s been really fun to work with other students through these productions, and I enjoy doing theatre a lot. I’ve also definitely grown as a performer. The first role I landed was as a shopkeeper in Rhinoceros, and later on, I landed the lead roles in multiple productions!

      My greatest achievement at YCIS was growing my leadership skills. This was true especially in productions where I had a lead role, because other students naturally ask you questions and seek your advice. This helped me lead other students as they become better performers. I was also the captain of the volleyball team, and I was able to help lead my teammates and encourage them to always play their personal best.

      Before I came to YCIS, I was in a private local school in Hong Kong. Coming to YCIS was a big change. Students at the school are very worldly and it’s a bit eye opening. You feel like you are a global citizen when you study at an international school.

      Looking back, the Thailand Trip that our class did in Year 12 was amazing and is probably my favourite memory from my time at the school. It was really the best trip ever. We went to Chiang Mai in Thailand, and a big part of the trip was building cultural understanding. We met people with different perspectives and they were so kind to us.

      In the fall, I will attend New York University to study Theatre. I’m very excited to move to the US and explore many different places, but I will definitely miss my friends and teachers from YCIS Shanghai!