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    Our Fun and Educational School Trip


    2015 年 11 月 18 日

    10 : 00

    • Romir, Year 8, Gubei Campus

      This year, I went to Moganshan for our Year 8 Education Outside of the Classroom (EOTC) trip. The bus ride to Moganshan was fun. We got to talk to friends and the guide gave us an introduction. When we arrived in Moganshan we explored the land and searched for our guesthouse. The guesthouses had good bunk beds and the food was also very good. The first activity we had was a workshop introduction, and we learnt about the key properties of eco-tourism, part of the main focus of our trip. Then we went for a short hike. It was a great introduction to the area and I thought it was relaxing. I learnt about the place we were staying and about some other guesthouses in the area we explored.

      The second day was a really fun experience for me, as we did farming, rafting, basket weaving, and cooking. All the activities were excellent but the best was rafting. It was fun building and trying out our rafts, and swimming. We also did a Humanities activity where we measured the amount of plant life from the tourist camp area compared to the plant life further away. We also were introduced to our eco-tourism business project that was assigned by our workshop teacher. We were required to come up with a conclusion, comparing the two sites, and it was a great learning experience.

      On our third day in Moganshan I enjoyed the 18km, eight-hour hike up the mountains, and we picked up trash along the way as an eco-tourist activity. Then, once we got to the peak of our mountain, we climbed into the cars, rode down the hill, and took a long rest after the hike.

      The fourth day we left to go to Wu Zhen, a historic water town, and we watched a really neat performance there. We had the opportunity to rest, have dinner, and we also did an activity in which we had to dance with a partner.

      On the fifth and final day of EOTC we had breakfast at the hotel, which was really good, and then we participated in a fun scavenger hunt. Next, we quickly did some souvenir shopping, and then we departed for home. Overall, I have to say that EOTC was a really fun and really educational trip!