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    What It's Like Playing in a School Rock Band


    2015 年 11 月 25 日

    10 : 00

    • Alex, Year 11, Gubei Campus

      Being a rock star is probably the most common “teenage dream” amongst our generation, and the annual “YCIS Battle of the Bands” provides us with the unique opportunity to live that dream.

      The stage is an amazing place, and students see it as an opportunity to display their musical talents. For me, Battle of the Bands is an event where I can spend time with my friends, playing the music that I love. Playing in the Battle of the Bands is an unforgettable, mesmerising experience that really lets me experience the joy of playing music.

      Yet, being in a rock band is so much more than just standing on stage and hearing the crowd scream the lyrics of your song through the flashing lights. Being in a rock band requires a number of skills. Personal talent with our instruments is fundamental, but the commitment to rehearsals and the patience with and acceptance of each other is far more challenging than playing the music itself. The process whereby my friends and I develop our music all the way from singing a melody just for fun, to standing on stage and performing the song loudly and accurately is exciting. At that moment, with the noise of the crowd all around us, all of our efforts and challenges were worth it.

      It’s very difficult to describe exactly how it feels to be there, inside the lights and the crowd, cheering and jumping, but just time every year, you get to go to a rock concert, and the rock star is you. Playing in a rock band, especially with my friends at school, and performing in the Battle of the Bands, is an experience that is incredibly fascinating and fun!