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    Being Involved in the YCIS Music Programme


    2015 年 12 月 23 日

    10 : 00

    • Eunice, Year 11, Gubei Campus

      Right now I’m working towards my IGCSE, and Music is one of my three electives. There are three categories in the IGCSE that we have to complete: performance, composition, and theory. I believe these are some excellent areas to build upon to be able to become a good musician. Instead of just learning the basics, we compose our own music using fundamental techniques, along with performances to enhance our ability in playing our instrument(s).

      As a violinist and a pianist, I have learnt a lot from the school programme at YCIS. I am involved in the string ensemble, which is a selection of the top string players in my school, and I feel that it develops my ability to play music in many different styles. Additionally, I play in the school orchestra, with a large range of players and learn lots of new music, which polishes my skill in sight-reading – a vital ability to have for a musician. Also, I sing with a group of female vocalists in chorale, which allows me to be a part of a variety of pieces with interesting harmonies and beautiful melodies. These Co-curricular music groups inspire my compositions, and I learn to use writing techniques from a vast range of arrangements.

      School concerts give musicians like me the chance to get on stage and perform the music we have rehearsed. Concerts also give us opportunities to build our confidence, and to experience the atmosphere of being on stage, which is wonderful for those who intend to become professional performers in the future. The YCIS Battle of the Bands is coming up soon. I rehearse with a band of amazing musicians in my spare time, which benefits my knowledge in contemporary music. It also increases my passion for music, and helps to create bonds with my band members.

      Personally, I believe that YCIS has a top quality Music Programme, which strengthens musicians in multiple ways, and guides us in a good direction, with enough space for us to be original.