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    Chinese Role Play Competition Improves Language and Teamwork Skills


    2016 年 04 月 20 日

    10 : 00

    • Claire, Year 7, Gubei Campus

      Developing students’ teamwork skills is a key focus at YCIS, and as students know, it takes coordination, cooperation, and creativity. Recently, YCIS Gubei Campus Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) students had an opportunity to showcase both their Chinese language and their teamwork skills. For the “Chinese Role Play Competition”, each CAL class was asked to create a role play to perform in front of all the CAL classes, in Chinese!

      To prepare for the competition, students spent weeks writing scripts, preparing costumes, and practicing. Our Chinese teachers let us use some time during our daily Chinese classes to rehearse for the big day. Students also used their own time to practice and think of ideas for costumes. Finally, the participating students had to coordinate and figure out who would bring what and also had to practice a great deal for the show.

      On the big day everyone was anxious, and there were over 40 people in the audience. Then, classes were called out one-by-one, and when the actors started speaking there was no question that they were having fun. In the end there was only one group that could win and the CAL Level 3’s show about a woman who lost her ducks in a car accident stole the show thanks to their great acting and amazing costumes and props.

      The day was a success! Everyone had a great time, most importantly the CAL students got to improve and show off their Chinese language and acting skills. These performances were not meant to see who was the best, but to improve all students’ Chinese language and team building skills. This was a great learning opportunity for the students to have fun and make friends, at the same time supporting YCIS’s philosophy and objectives.