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    YCIS Inspired Me to Pursue a Future in Art


    2016 年 06 月 29 日

    10 : 00

    • Cathy Mou, Class of 2016, Gubei Campus

      My name is Cathy and I attended YCIS for five years. Graduating from High School feels great. I feel like I’ve achieved and accomplished many things and built strengths I will be able to take with me to a new community in college.

      This Fall, I will be attending Central Saint Martins to pursue a foundation studies in Art. I remember very clearly when I was in Year 9 at YCIS that there was an art teacher who really inspired me. He told me that I was really good at art and that I had the talent to develop further. He then called my parents to share this with my family, and I really thought about art as something I could pursue in my future. Because YCIS offers a lot of support, resources, and supplies, and the education helps to broaden students’ minds, I was able to seriously think about doing art as a career.

      Over my time at YCIS, the thing that I am most proud of is my development with art skills, and also the mindset I gained when thinking about the subject. When I joined IGCSE, the classes were quite technical which helped improve my form. In my IB art classes, my teacher really pushed my limits in thinking about global issues and social situations around the world through artistic expression. He helped me realise how art can help to change the world and how to think on a bigger scale, and it made me understand that art is not just for the sake of art, it is for the sake of society.