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    Student Impressions: What It's Like Performing for my Peers at YCIS


    2017 年 01 月 09 日

    10 : 00

    • On Friday, December 2nd, students, faculty, and parents gathered together at the Gubei Campus Hall for a night of music and merrymaking at the annual “YCIS Battle of the Bands” concert and competition. This event is unique in that it is entirely student lead and organized, while supported by faculty. Within the Battle of the Bands, students of all ages are encouraged to participate, even those who do not have current music electives. These talented students and future leaders took the stage, and in true YCIS fashion, they exhibited their skills in concert with the empowering acclaim of their peers and parents.


      Jonathan, Year 11:

      I played the guitar in the band, OVERBAND, at the Battle of the Bands event. We were the first group to perform and so that meant that we had not only high expectations, but also some pressure. I could sense this pressure taking over each of our band members including myself between the time when the audience was allowed to enter and our performance. Throughout the time preceding our moment on stage, we as a band would turn to each other to say a few words of encouragement.

      When the time came, we were called on stage with loud cheers and the occasional shouts of our names. When I held my guitar in place and looked down at the crowd, suddenly all of the stress and pressure of expectation disappeared. I felt confident that our band could entertain and bring good music to the audience. I looked at my band members and could see similar confidence, joy, and smiles as they looked back at me. As the music started and we played, I felt absorbed and captivated by the music we were performing. The constant thought of our times spent together preparing as a band made the music sound even better, especially combined with the addition of the crowd.  When it was all over, as a band we congratulated each other and felt very satisfied. We felt so much encouragement from our fellow classmates during our performance that we were inspired to support other bands prior to their performances. We wanted to wish them the experience of a great night on stage performing with one another. Performing in the Battle of the Bands was a great experience and next year I definitely want to be involved again.

      Isadora, Year 8:

      It was a time of adrenaline. It was a time when my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to burst. I was onstage and it was an indescribable feeling. People are looking at me, watching every step I take. As I approach the microphone and grab it with both of my trembling hands, I’m standing on my toes, ignited with curiosity of what will happen. A few moments of silence and the intro started to play. There is only one phrase in my mind: “it’s now or never”. As I start to sing, all of my passion comes out and the feeling of accomplishment washes over me. Ever since I was young I had stage fright when I had to perform in front of others. During the Battle of the Bands, however, this became an exception and I knew I could make it when I saw friends of mine in the front row yelling and dancing along to the music. At the very back of the auditorium, I saw the parents bobbing their heads along with the beat of the song, and every single ounce of nervousness in my body disappeared. Participating in the Battle of the Bands was a great growth experience for me.