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    Student Council and Prefect Update from Century Park Campus


    2017 年 03 月 13 日

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    • Lorenzo, Year 12, Century Park

      Edited by Kevin, Year 9, Century Park

      January and February were busy months for the Student Council and the Prefects. Events and fundraisers were held throughout both months.

      Spirit Week, which ran from January 9th to 13th, was the main event of the season. Numerous activities took place throughout the course of the week aimed at building school spirit and raising funds for the China-based charity, Heart to Heart, an organisation which sponsors heart surgeries for children coming from rural China. Activities ranged from ‘Free Dress Days’ to sporting tournaments.

      The week started off with ‘Rainbow Colour Free Dress Day’. The school became immersed in different colours, with staff and students wearing all sorts of outfits.

      On Monday, there was also a ‘Staff versus Seniors Tug-of-War’, in which the teachers managed to outperform the students. An intense and energetic atmosphere was present in the gymnasium as the whole school gathered together, with students and teachers supporting their respective teams. 

      The Prefects managed several of the fundraisers. The annual “Duct Tape a Teacher to the Wall Challenge” was held with Mr Munir, Mr Horwood, and Mr Enright supporting as this year’s volunteers, and teachers and students of all year levels took on the challenge. The “Prefect Butler Auction” and “Business Formal Free Dress Day” also took place during the week.

      On Friday, the final day of Spirit Week, students and teachers were encouraged to dress according to their national colours and flags. This was by far the most successful dress day of the week, with national flags and costumes present throughout the school.

      Another major Spirit Week competition was the Form Video Competition, with form classes attempting to create original, unique, and creative videos.

      For the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, the Student Council organised a card sale and delivery fundraiser. Students and staff were encouraged to purchase cards, write a short message on them, and then the Student Council would personally deliver the cards on their behalf. In the theme of the celebration, all the cards were sent anonymously, which made for fun as students contemplated who might have sent them cards. 

      Overall, thanks to the school community, more than RMB 7,500 yuan was raised throughout the course of January and February. Both the Student Council and the Prefects were pleased to see such support coming from the student body.