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    Student Leadership Spotlight: Owen and Levona


    2017 年 08 月 30 日

    10 : 00

    • This series shares thoughts from our young student leaders. Today we introduce the School Captains from our Hongqiao Campus, Owen and Levona. 

      What year are you in, and where are you from?

      Owen – I’m in Year 6, and I’m from New York.

      Levona – I’m also in Year 6, and I come from Hong Kong.

      How long have you been studying at YCIS?

      Owen – This is my second year here. I moved to Shanghai last year this is my first time living overseas. Shanghai is so nice. It reminds me a lot of New York because it’s so big and has so many people.

      Levona – I’ve been at YCIS for eight years -- I started when I was in K2.

      What are your favourite subjects to study?

      Owen – I think my favourites are Math and ICT because I like solving problems. I also love Extension Math, which is taking what we know and applying it to the real world. I like ICT because I love computers and playing video games.

      Levona – I like literacy because I like reading and I also like writing too. Because I like reading, I like the Extension Literacy programme where you read a book, and then you answer some comprehension questions and write a review. I also really like PE and art class. Both are really fun.

      Is there something you studied in class that has sparked your interest to learn more about the subject?

      Owen – In ICT last year, with our very first project we started taking notes on things and collecting data, and I realised how much I really liked doing that. We also had to design a poster on internet safety (and I knew a lot about that because I like playing computer games, as I said), and I enjoy all the aspects of design now and I make big posters for different projects.

      Levona – Several years ago our teacher taught us how to made sandwiches, and that’s when I got into cooking. With art, I used to think I wasn’t very good at art but I had a very nice art teacher who taught me that it’s not so important whether you’re ‘good’ or not at art, but instead to just have fun with it, and so now I just have fun with art.

      What do you like to do outside of class time?

      Owen – I enjoy playing basketball and, when I can, I like to go skiing. I’m going to start playing CISSA touch rugby soon. Last year I did the Mad Science CCA and it was so much fun!

      Levona – I really like baking and cooking. I think I will do CISSA sports in the second semester, and it will be tough to choose between doing badminton or basketball because I like both!

      What are your favourite school events?

      Owen – I love the Charity Carnival. We get to set up little booths and do our own little games. It’s a lot of fun.

      Levona – I like the Summer Concert because of the music. I also really look forward to Charity Carnival Day every year.

      Are there any really special things about Hongqiao Campus that you could share?

      Owen – Hongqiao Campus is a lot bigger than the school I went to in New York! That school only had one building for the lower school students, so I was surprised about how big the campus here is. I also like how the buildings are different – for example, A Building has kindergarten students and is very ‘kid friendly’, whereas C Building is more formal. I like how the buildings adapt to the age of the students.

      Levona – I love being able to make new friends here. One thing maybe other people didn’t notice is that about every four years or so the playground equipment changes, which is great. I also noticed that the buildings all have a different feel – it’s really lovely.

      What are you looking forward to as serving as a school captain?

      Owen – I try to be a good role model, and I’m excited to interview people for the school newsletter.

      Levona – Yes, so, part of our role is to interview students and our teachers, and I like asking questions, so that will be fun! There are some new teachers this year, and I really want to meet them and learn more about them.

      Now that you already hold the title of school captain, have you been thinking about what you want to be when you grow up?

      Owen – When I was younger, I thought about being an astronaut. Now, I still think that, but also maybe I’d also like to do computer design. Or, I could put the two together, and make something like space probes. That’s my ideal job!

      Levona – I want to be a chef because I really like cooking. I maybe also want to be a movie director because my Grandpa used to work in movies and met a lot of famous people, and I also like watching movies so directing would be so cool!

      Can you tell us what you are looking forward to this school year?

      Owen – I’m looking forward to the camping trip, as it’s a four-day overnighting trip this year. I’m also excited to do more CISSA sports. And, being a School Captain this year will be really cool. I’m looking forward to helping out.

      Levona – I’m also really looking forward to the camping trip – last year was really fun. I’m also looking forward to CISSA sports and being a School Captain because I really like helping others and this gives me the opportunity to do that.