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    Top Five Reasons to Study at YCIS Puxi from ECE through Secondary


    2019 年 06 月 26 日

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    • There are many reasons why students should study at YCIS from ECE through Secondary. It can be the best time of our life, unforgettable for the rest of our lives! Below are my top five reasons:

       1. Great Environment

      First of all, YCIS has been able to create a wonderful environment for its students, for all year levels. There is enough space all around the campuses with a wide range of school facilities such as a swimming pool, basketball courts, soccer fields, gardens, and even gyms for the older students. The teachers are always present and can help any student that is in need.

      2. Continuity in the Programme

      There is continuity in the YCIS programme as the school already starts to prepare their students for the IB Programme beginning in ECE. The teachers inspire their students and help them to shape their mindsets.  Already in ECE, the teachers nurture their students’ curiosity through various interest-based projects, experiments, and investigations. They support students to develop dispositions crucial in their last years of study, in the IB Programme. Students become excited and motivated to learn, know how to find information independently, are responsible, and know how to plan their time.

      3. New Experiences

      Another point is that YCIS can let students from all age groups gain new experiences outside of school. If they are old enough, teachers bring them on school trips, like to the zoo, farms, Science and Technology Museum or the Shanghai Aquarium. Secondary students are able to go on school trips that last for more than a few days where they can engage in new experiences such as planting rice, cooking their own meals from scratch, or even making a bamboo raft to use on a river. Students are encouraged to engage in service, action, and creative activities.

      4. International Community

      The fourth reason why students should study at YCIS from ECE through Secondary is that many of the students and teachers come from places all over the world. Students originate from countries like Australia, Korea, France, China, America, Poland, Italy, and Spain. While studying in our school, you will be able to adapt to different cultures and even learn a little of a new language from your classmates.

      5. Have a Good Time

      If you choose to study at YCIS from ECE to the end of Secondary, it is guaranteed that you will have a fun time. Our school is a great place for meeting new people and making friends. Every year, students are mixed into different classes giving them an opportunity to make new friends. During classes, students engage in different kinds of interesting learning activities using new technology. During school trips, students spend more quality time with each other, and participate in activities that are not normally done during class time together.

      If you're considering YCIS Shanghai, I hope to see you soon in school!

      By Matylda, Year 12, YCIS Puxi Secondary